zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Truck bombing kills 25 people

Many people have become victims of yet another truck bombing in Kirkuk, situated in the north of Iraq. It is estimated that at least 25 people were killed in the attack. On top of this, about 150 people were wounded as a result of the attack. As the US forces are about to leave, people are seriously worried that violence might get even worse. Iraqi security forces will soon have to deal with security problems all by themselves. There have been several bombing attacks in Iraq already, which have been of great concern. The Iraqi leaders however, are not concerned that the withdrawal of Us forces will lead to serious security problems. The Iraqi forces should be able to deal with situations like these on their own.

Personal reaction to this topic:
One does wonder why these bombings are still taking place in Iraq. The country has luckily been freed from Saddam Hoessein, who was arrested on 13 September 2003 by American troops. Obviously the US forces have not been able to create a safe environment for the Iraqi. I find it very shocking to see that Iraqi insurgents are still causing trouble concerning human rights. It is my opinion that people have no right to kill others because of their own convictions. The Iraqi people should join forces and try to make Iraq a country they can be proud of. Killings are not the way to achieve this.

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