zondag 7 juni 2009

5 bodies from Air France flight 447 have now been recovered from the Atlantic

In total, five dead bodies have now been recovered from the place where the Air France plane has probably crashed. The Brazilian army has stated this. Also, more bodies seem to have been seen from above the ocean, according to the Brazilian authorities. The corpses have been taken to the islands for further investigation. Apart from France, also the United States have now offered to send help, in order to help investigating this tragic accident which happened in the Atlantic Ocean.
Among the passengers were five people from Britain.

Personal reaction to this topic:
Tragedies such as this will unfortunately always happen. How devastating it must be for those poor families, that are going through a horrible nightmare right now. Not knowing what has happened to your loved one, must be the most terrible thing that can happen to a person. I do sincerely hope that all the bodies will be recovered very soon. If these corpes will not be found very soon, it will not bring closure for the people who stay behind. They will not be able to say goodbye.

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