zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Trawling leads to damage to the British sea bed

Trawling is proven to be a serious threat to the British sea bed. This method of catching fish, which consists in dragging a trawl net through the water, causes damage to the British sea bed. Scientists have been analysing the condition of the seabed, by using deep sea photography. Also there are records of hundred years of fishing, which the scientists have used for their research. The test results have shown that in places where there is no fish trawling, there is a better marine eco system. The fish quantity has also suffered as a result of fish trawling.

Personal reaction to this topic:
Now that I have read this article, I think that trawling should definitely be banned. There must be other ways in order to get fish from the sea which are sufficient, but less destroying for the marine eco system. This issue should be made a top priority for politicians all over the world, not only in Britain. If the sea bed is threatened in Britain, this problem will probably also occur in other countries. We are all responsible for the environment, off shore and on shore. The sea is full of astonishing creatures so let’s treasure it for life!

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