zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Plead for 1989 Hillsborough 69 disaster to be further investigated

In order to plead for further police investigation of the Hillsborough disaster which happened on 15 April 1989, a march took place in London. Five families who lost their loved ones at the disaster, were marching towards 10 Downing Street, with more than 4000 supporters to join them. Their goal was to force the government to realise further investigation of the horrible tragedy. On 15 April 1989, 96 fans were crushed to death in a large crowd of football fans, during Liverpool's FA Cup semi-final with Nottingham Forest. People from all over the world have signed the petition in order to show their sympathy.

Personal reaction to this topic:
Just imagine being crushed in a large crowd like that. What a horrifying way to die! I must say that I am always very cautious when I am standing in large crowds. It is very intimidating to have so many people that are surrounding you. Accidents like this have unfortunately happened before at events where many people were gathered at the same time. It is for the organizations to take precautions so that these tragedies will never happen again. I sincerely hope that the request of the families who lost their beloved, will be taken seriously. Hopefully this will bring a certain closure for them, so they will be able to move on with their lives.

Romanian families terrorised by two racist teenagers from Belfast

A 15 and 16 year old boy from Belfast have terrorised more than 100 Romanian migrants. The attacked Roman families had to flee their homes and find shelter in the church hall for temporary housing. As a result of the attacks, many Roman families have now decided to leave Northern Ireland. They are even considering going back to Romania, in order to seek happiness there. The two youngsters have both been charged for their racist actions. About 200 people participated in an anti-racism rally at Belfast City Hall on Saturday. Patricia McKeown, of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, and Barbara Muldoon, of the Anti-Racism Network, have both taken a firm stand. They have strongly convicted the brutal racist actions.

Personal reaction to this topic:
Racism is a serious crime and is unfortunately still happening in society today. Racism will probably never be banned, as some people will always put the blame of things on others. The article does not say why the two boys attacked the Romanian people. So it is hard to understand their motives. I am wondering what type of families the two boys are from. Whatever the motive for their actions may be, there is no justification for racism. Not in any case!

Trawling leads to damage to the British sea bed

Trawling is proven to be a serious threat to the British sea bed. This method of catching fish, which consists in dragging a trawl net through the water, causes damage to the British sea bed. Scientists have been analysing the condition of the seabed, by using deep sea photography. Also there are records of hundred years of fishing, which the scientists have used for their research. The test results have shown that in places where there is no fish trawling, there is a better marine eco system. The fish quantity has also suffered as a result of fish trawling.

Personal reaction to this topic:
Now that I have read this article, I think that trawling should definitely be banned. There must be other ways in order to get fish from the sea which are sufficient, but less destroying for the marine eco system. This issue should be made a top priority for politicians all over the world, not only in Britain. If the sea bed is threatened in Britain, this problem will probably also occur in other countries. We are all responsible for the environment, off shore and on shore. The sea is full of astonishing creatures so let’s treasure it for life!

Parents Amy Winehouse are still worrying over alcohol addiction

Amy Winehouse’s parents, Mitch and Janis, are proud to say that their daughter has shaken off her drug addiction, but they are still worried sick because of her alcohol addiction, which is still existing. Amy’s parents are aware of the fact that it is probably the substance in itself, which makes Amy unable to stop drinking. When Amy was on a drug rehab, she still could not let go of the booze. Mitch and Janis are relieved to say that Amy will divorce Blake Fielder-Civil very shortly. It will be better for the two addicts to be separated, in order to get control over their drinking habits again.

Personal reaction to this topic:
It must be heartbreaking for parents to deal with a child who has a serious health condition. People who are in showbiz, like Amy, are constantly exposed to alcohol and drugs. And the pressure from the media must be very hard for them to handle. I think of Amy as a very talented musician and it shocked me when I saw some footage of her once, when she was sniffing cocaine on stage while performing. I do sincerely hope that she will be able to get her addiction in control again. But I think she has a strong personality so she should be fine in the end.

Defeat for the Lions against South Africa

Although the Lions were definitely on the losing hand at half-time, the British rugby team managed to make an astonishing comeback. Yet, it was only five minutes after half-time, when the Springboks immediately attacked again, leaving the Lions behind worrying. The African team should be careful though, as the Lions put up a good fight with two talented newcomers, Brian O’Driscoll and Jamie Roberts. The Springboks, however, had already made up their minds in advance, wanting to take revenge after having been defeated by the British team in 1997, and so they did. The final score was: South Africa 26 Lions 21.

Personal reaction to this topic:
Although I still do no not understand all the rules of rugby completely, I can really enjoy watching a good match. I was introduced to rugby by my former teacher of English, Nigel Clements. Nigel has become a dear friend of mine, who takes me to the Irish pub in The Hague occasionally. There we always watch the game together. Nigel always speaks very enthusiastically about rugby. That is why I would like to find out more about it too, so I will be able to discuss the game with him afterwards. Also, it is great to speak to Britons who come over to the Irish pub, in order to train my speaking skills.

Return to daily life after having lived in retreat as a Buddhist monk

Gelong Thubten, a 37 year old guy from the Home counties, has returned to society after having lived in retreat as a Buddhist monk for four years. He decided to volunteer and to dedicate four years of his life, in order to live shut off from the outside world together with 14 other monks. He has had some rough times though, living apart from his family. On the other hand, this four year period has been most fulfilling for him. Gelong Thubten feels that he can use his experiences as a Buddhist monk in his further life, in order to help other people.

Personal reaction to this topic:
This subject immediately caught my attention, as I am very much interested in Buddhism in general. As a matter of fact, I am taking a Buddhist course myself this summer, in France. Buddhism originates in India but it has spread all over the world. I have been practicing Buddhism for two years now and it gives me a certain inner peace. Also, Buddhists are very focused on world peace which I do admire very much. Buddhism should not be considered a religion, as there is no God that you worship. I think it should be considered a philosophy. I am practicing Nichiren Buddhism by the way, which does not set limitations whatsoever. The organization is called The Sokka Gakkai, which is a Japanese lay organization.

The world’s oldest man is now from Britain

A man by the name of Henry Allingham, now holds the title of “The Oldest Man Of The World”. Mister Allington, who served in World War I, has outlived Tomoji Tanabe, who was the oldest person among the living up until now. Mister Allingham now has the age of 113 and he has lived during three centuries. Revealing his secret of how he became the world’s oldest man, he said: “The trick is to look after yourself and always know your limitations”. Mister Allingham feels he would like to go now, as he is ready to die peacefully.

Personal reaction to this topic:
First of all I would like to say that I have great admiration for the elderly. We should never forget that they have gained certain wisdom over the years. Therefore, older people have so many interesting things to tell younger people. It is a shame that the elderly are sometimes neglected in society. They are often considered old-fashioned or even inconvenient because people do not want to be bothered looking after them. I can imagine that people this old, would like life to end. Who wants to outlive their children, relatives and friends? I most certainly would not!