zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Defeat for the Lions against South Africa

Although the Lions were definitely on the losing hand at half-time, the British rugby team managed to make an astonishing comeback. Yet, it was only five minutes after half-time, when the Springboks immediately attacked again, leaving the Lions behind worrying. The African team should be careful though, as the Lions put up a good fight with two talented newcomers, Brian O’Driscoll and Jamie Roberts. The Springboks, however, had already made up their minds in advance, wanting to take revenge after having been defeated by the British team in 1997, and so they did. The final score was: South Africa 26 Lions 21.

Personal reaction to this topic:
Although I still do no not understand all the rules of rugby completely, I can really enjoy watching a good match. I was introduced to rugby by my former teacher of English, Nigel Clements. Nigel has become a dear friend of mine, who takes me to the Irish pub in The Hague occasionally. There we always watch the game together. Nigel always speaks very enthusiastically about rugby. That is why I would like to find out more about it too, so I will be able to discuss the game with him afterwards. Also, it is great to speak to Britons who come over to the Irish pub, in order to train my speaking skills.

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