zondag 19 april 2009

Real talent comes from within!

Did you all see the show "Britain's got talent"? Everybody was expecting the jury, especially Simon Cowell, to start insulting Susan Boyle, a forty-seven year old woman from Scotland. Apparently Cowell had already made up his mind about her before she even gave her performance. This woman did not have the looks of a pop star whatsoever. She had a double chin, her hair looked very frizzy and her eyebrows were too thick. But when she started singing, the audience went hysterical! She has made a deep impact on everybody and has already been invited to great TV shows in America, like Oprah and Larry King.

Personal reaction to this topic:

I am telling the absolute truth when I say that I broke into tears when I heard this woman singing a song from "Les Miserables". She stood there singing with so much dignity and she was very convinced of her own talent. I think that she has proven that you do not need to have the looks of a pop star in order to become famous. She gave away a stunning performance and I do sincerely hope that she will get a fair chance in her singing career.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Well Geri, I have placed the same article on my weblog. Why is this society so keen on looks? As you said she has proven that talent is more important than looks. I do hope with you that she will get a fair chance in her singing career. A real star is born.

  2. Geri, I have heard about this new sensation. In fact, it is quite difficult not to. I agree that this is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of the Britney Spears and Amy Winehouses in this world. Britain might take a leading role in this. Look at the film industry: English actors and actresses are allowed to be normal people instead of the Hollywood barby dolls. Susan, go for it!

  3. When I was in England for the UKOK assignment I watched in my Bed and Breakfast an episode of Britain’s Got Talent.
    They showed a lot of contesters that made it including Susan Boyle. I had seen her video on YouTube but when I saw her on the show I personally thought that she is not that ugly. She has something special because she is not like any other. She only has a strange character. But we will get used to that!